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I'm going to change your life. Your life now belongs to me and you'll do exactly what I say. It's not very hard to do at all. Don't try to fight it, you're mine now. You will give me all of your money, and buy me whatever you want. That's your only task in life now. Make money and give it to me. Your life is forever changed now.

When I'm done with you, you will want to give me everything. You are so pathetic and i'm in your mind. You like the way my ass looks. I can see you drooling through your computer screen. You're such a loser. You're going to give me every last cent you have. I'm in your head now. I'm the mistress you will serve until you are completely broke you loser.

I am your queen! And you have to do what I tell you! But I heard that you stop following my orders...!? Are you crazy? I will show you what happens now...! But first you will PAY ME! You will GIVE ME all your money! Buy this clip and take two things: A foot rule and a rope. And then let's start! But at the beginning I have one advise for you: Don't make me angry a second time...!

I have a new task for you, piggy! You waited soo long for something new, don't you? But now your time without jerking off is over! At least for a short period of time... But first you have to pay me! Come and buy this clip and do whatever I want you to do...! Don't hesitate any longer... It's only your cash and YOU don't need it anymore! But I need it!

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