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Goddess Kim loves to get paid and she will do what it takes to get her money. Her method of getting paid isn't normal, because she chooses to be really mean and cruel to her slaves. She will humiliate her slaves to the point they are crying, but they still sign over their check to her so she can shop and pay all of her bills amused.

I will visit you and you will lose everything! You told me that you have no more cash! Maybe I believe you... but that doesn't matter! I want even something more! And if you have no more money then I will have to take everything else! Your new flatscreen, your camera, your notebook, your mobile phone. You deserve no luxury! But I deserve everything I want! And you won't resist... If you try, just listen what will happen then... BUY this CLIP!

I'm your black goddess! I am Goddess Kim! And you will do whatever I tell you to do! I am beautiful and sexy and everything you dream about! I'm exotic and also need exotic and luxurious stuff! And you are my little white slave and will help me to buy everything I want, don't you? So start spending your money for me! This month I want some extra cash! White dumbass - PAY ME NOW!

Oh my weak servant! Are you already afraid just by reading the tile? You are such a loser, weakling! But I'm going to explain you what you have to do as my bitch. You will be my blackmail bitch! You have to pay me a lot of money, again and again! And don't think I'm losing interest! I like to squeeze out my bitches until the very end... till death!

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