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You can sit there all you want loser, but you are going to have to pay your money mistress if you want to jerk off. I am Lady Suzanne and I don't want to see you stiff cock unless there is money in my hands. It seems like your dick gets harder each time you hand me money. I dominate you with verbal humiliation and you just keep paying me and jerking off.

Lady Taina is a gorgeous money mistress with full and sexy lips. She pulls you in close and teases you so you will save up all your money and give it to her. She knows you are mesmerized by her lips and you are imagining them being stretched over your stiff cock. You can fantasize all you want, but you have to pay her if you want to be close to her.

Blonde and slim Sexy Amy blackmails you and fucks your brain to get money out of you. She looks hot in her black stockings as she strips for you. She gives you jerk off instructions when she sees your cock getting hard from seeing her body. She is a brat girl who gets off on your humiliation and tells you how to jerk off and when you are allowed to cum.

You are an idiot and a loser. Let's just get that out of the way. You already know that, so the first thing I tell you is what a pervert you are. I bombard you with verbal humiliation because that is all you are good for. I want you to entertain me and do humiliating tasks until my fetish for your humiliation is satisfied. That's not going to be any time soon loser.

Lizz is an extremely hot mistress in high heels and tight pants who loves nothing more than exploiting you for money. She will gladly give you boners, but you have to be exploited by her. She teases you and sticks her high heels in your face. She manipulates you until you gladly hand money over to her. She knows that you have a fetish for being exploited and she takes full advantage.

When Miss Mackenzie decides to humiliate her slave, she enjoys it. She loves telling her slave how much he turns her off. She loves telling him that his dick is the size of a pencil and is always limp. She knows that he will pay to shut her up so she continues to tell him what a disappointment he is until he pulls out his wallet and pays the fee.

When he comes home from work, she expects his check. When he counts out how much he has made, she is not happy. She knows that he should have more to give her for her pleasures. She tells her slave that he is a cheap lowlife for not giving her what she knows he has. She makes him kneel down in front of her. She gets the additional money as she tells him what his punishment will be.

When Lady Mistery's new slave comes to her, he knows that he has to have a gift to get her attention. Instead of giving her money, he brings a diamond necklace. He just wants to sit at her feet and have her stroke his head. Lady Mistery takes his gift and decides that he has paid for a 15 minute session with her. Instead of telling him he is a good slave, she tells him he is cheap with a small dick for buy such small diamonds.

When Lisa Jordan wants to go shopping, she knows what to do. She goes to her slave's office and pulls him into the bathroom. She teases him with her tits and tongue. As she is teasing him, she tells him that his dick is too small to give her pleasure so he has to give her money to shop instead. As she tells him how worthless he is as a man, she strips out of her white dress and shows him what he can't have.

When Nicole decides that she wants to go shopping, she calls her slave to her. She demands money for her shopping trip. When he hesitates, she starts telling him how worthless he is. She tells him that he doesn't have the skills necessary to bring her to pleasure. She tells him that he should be a woman because his dick is so small. She makes him kneel while begging for forgiveness for hesitating to pay his small dick fee.

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