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Isabella is a sultry and gorgeous money mistress in high heels and tight, sexy jeans. She has nothing but a bikini top on to tease you into giving her money. She knows that you will take one look at her body and her sexy jeans ass and give her whatever money she asks for. You can spend time with her but you have to pay and suffer verbal humiliation from this raven haired vixen.

Princess Jenny is a dominating mistress who even dominates the way you jerk off. If you want to jerk off in front of her, you are going to have to pay up. You see, she is a money mistress. If you want to get your dick hard around her, you need to fork over some cash. You will take her teasing and verbal humiliation and gladly pay for her to let you beat off.

When Lady Janis takes a slave, she only wants one with money to pay for her expensive tastes. She loves to shop for new purses and drink expensive wine. When her slave brings her a new selection of purses, she models them for him and she tells him what he needs to buy next. As soon as she has made her demands, she smiles at him and tells him that he has permission to watch her sleep.

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