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This mistress is hot and she knows it. And she makes sure that her pay pigs fund her luxurious lifestyle. She blackmails them for their small dicks and makes them pay her a small dick tax

Herrin Amy is a gorgeous mistress who likes to take advantage of her pay pigs. She knows how to sweet talk them and make them fund her luxurious lifestyle without breaking a sweat

When Lisa Jordan wants to go shopping, she knows what to do. She goes to her slave's office and pulls him into the bathroom. She teases him with her tits and tongue. As she is teasing him, she tells him that his dick is too small to give her pleasure so he has to give her money to shop instead. As she tells him how worthless he is as a man, she strips out of her white dress and shows him what he can't have.

You are such a pathetic loser! And your dick is so... funny! Do you really call it a dick? I'm not sure what it is but it is NO DICK! It is sooo small! I believe it is a ugly pussy! What, you want me to believe that this is really a dick? Then you have to pay me! For this tiny thing you need to pay the small dick tax!

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