Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

This mistress wanted to try personally dominating slaves financially to see whether it was better than doing it to them at the same time. The mistress curved out some time to have fun with the slaves individually and by the time she was done, she found out that she had made more money from them than when she gets it from them at the same time. So she changed her policy.

Princess Serena took advantage of her sexy ass to have fun at the expense of this guy. She knew he was loaded but she made sure he did not know that she knew. She pretended to be a naughty girl who wanted her and she turned on using her skills. When they were at her place, she used her hypnotic skills to gain total control over him and dominate him financially.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend laid a trap for this loser and caught him. He was a stalker and had to be punished. When they caught him, they trampled him and made him lick their shoes clean. The mistresses also turned the stalker into a human ashtray and he had to endure the pain. By the time they were done with him, the cruel mistresses knew he would never stalk them again. They made him pay them before they let him go.

Lady Krasaviza had a debt she had to pay. She did not have the money so she went to her pay pigs and she made them give her the money she used to pay back the debt. She did not ask for it straight up. She used her hypnosis powers as well as her teasing and flirting skills to get them to give her the money. And they gave her more than enough.

Princess Kitty loves having fun at the expense of pay slaves. She loves it because she gets to have money and at the same time she gets to have fun. She made her pay pigs watch as she teased them and she was happy with how turned on they were. She took advantage with them and got some money for herself and when she was done, she gave them jerk off instructions.

When you have a body as beautiful as Princess Kate has, you can only blame yourself if you are broke. She knew this and she used it to make money or herself. She never let anyone touch her, but she used her hot body, big boobs, luscious sexy lips and nice ass to make guys her credit cards. She would chat with them and tease them and drive them nuts and dominate them financially.

Princess Kate was horny and much as she knew she could not fuck her pay slaves, she used that chance to make some good cash. She did naughty stuff and exposed herself in a way she had never done before and the pay slaves were elated. They did not know how they did it, but they gave her a lot of money. More than they have ever given her before.

This mistress had been conned some money and she was pissed. She needed more money and she could not touch her savings as she had planned to buy a new house with the savings. So she went to her pay slaves and she used her hypnosis fetish to make them give her more money. She made them feel like they were having fun with her and then she took advantage of them.

This mistress was not happy with her paypig. She had to make sure that he was humiliated so she financially humiliated him. She wanted him to feel the pinch and there was no better way to do it than to make him her credit card. She did not do anything special to him. She took the money and she made him watch as she crushed it and trampled it with her car as well as with her boots.

Princess Kate was looking good. She was having a bad day and she wanted to feel good. To lift her spirits, she chatted on video with her pay slaves. She teased them and enjoyed how they loved everything she did and they complemented her. To them she was perfect and she felt great after chatting with them and she did not need to financially dominate them today like she usually did.

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