Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Mistress Dana had a colleague who was a loser. But he was good to everyone in the officer but he was a loser with the girls. She felt pity for him when his girlfriend dumped him. So she taught him how to jerk off so that he would have a little fun for himself and stop relying on others for all of his fun. The plan worked and he started to make little changes.

Goddess Lena wanted a makeover but she did not want to pay for it by herself as she knew how expensive it was. That is why she looked for a way for her to not be in good terms with this guy. In doing so, the mistress used a scapegoat to be pissed at him and to humiliate him. As he wanted her to stop, she told him what would make her stop is if he would pay for her makeover. He did.

Goddess Nika loves designer shoes and those are what she wanted today. She felt that she needed a new pair and that is why she chose to play with them. The mistress teased her paypig with her ass and an old pair of high heels to make him see why she needed some new pairs of shoes. The guy was turned on and she controlled him. She got the shoes.

Princess Serena likes to save her salary. But she also has expensive tastes and loves to shop. She did so today but she did not use her money. She always uses paypigs as human credit cards for her to get money to shop and to explore. Today she teased and financially humiliated her pay slave to get good cash which she used for her holiday shopping spree. It was a lot of fun.

Mistress Valentina has perfected the art of using her ass to dominate paypigs financially and she was at it again today as she used it to tease this guy and to make him want her. She preyed on the fact that she was sexy and could easily turn him on to make him not only get turned on, but also to control him. That is how she made money from them.

Madame Marissa loves to make money on the side. This is the money she uses to maintain her lifestyle while the money from her job is invested. Today she had dominated this paypig and she had a great time doing it. She made some good money and it was so good she counted it again and again as she had never gotten that much before from her previous financial dominations.

Sometimes financial domination of paypigs is not as easy and straightforward as it seems. Mistress Jacky had dominated this guy today and she had made some good money out of him. But it was not as easy as it usually was for her and she was not just tired, but she also craved a smoke. So she took out her cigarette and she smoked as she tried to relax before she counted her cash.

Mistress Clara wanted to force her broke paypig to lick her dirty feet because she had no use for him if he was broke. He was her paypig and he was supposed to be loaded at all times. But if he was going to be broke, then she certainly did not want to be associated with him. So she humiliated him by making him lick her feet so that he would understand that he was not to be broke again.

Mistress Dana is blessed with an ass you have to see to believe. She is absolutely gorgeous and she knows it. That is why she chose to use her hot ass to tease this paypig and laugh all the way to the bank after she was done with him. This is because she knew that he could not resist her and her hot ass. So she turned it all up and as he watched her, he could not help but do all that she wanted him to.

Lady Cary was tired of this colleague who was infatuated with her. She felt that he was a pain in the ass for her and she wanted to compensate herself for putting up with him and his nonsense. So she turned him into a paypig and she had a lot of fun spending his money. She felt it was payment for her having to endure all his nonsense which she was not into.

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