Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

These babes know what they want and they know how to get it. They want to shop but they want to do it on their slave's budget. They get dressed to go shopping and they show their slave their round asses. They know it makes him hard and if he gives them enough money, they may let him masturbate. He knows he has a little dick, that is why he pays them.

When Lady K Blake goes out for a little sun, she is approached by a slave. She is asked if she will strip for him for money. She asked for her payment up front and when she saw that it was real, she started a sexy striptease. She is happy to take a slave away from his money anytime. When she is done, she is several hundred dollars richer than before.

When it's time to make her slave pay, she knows what to do. She loves to get her slave in her face and tell him what he hates about himself. She tells him no other mistress will take him because his dick is too small. She tells him the only way that he will be allowed to touch his tiny member and cum is to pay her. Then she talks very kinky and enjoys watching him count out her money.

When Herrin Amy takes in a slave, she allows him to worship at her feet and in order to touch her, she needs him to pay her. She loves watching him beg. She loves shopping on his dime even more. As soon as she gets her slave in the room with her, she smiles at him and makes him think he has a chance with her. She won't do more than smile and flirt until he has given her a lot of money.

When she is called for an appearance, her slaves know they have to pay her. She knows that they have the money and she refuses to do anything for free. When she is asked to accompany someone to a movie or place to eat, she is happy to go there for a small fee. When she is done, she has collected a small fortune because she has prices for everything.

When it comes to her slaves, Lady Milena has all the power. She knows that she can demand large amounts of money and they will pay. They don't want her to divulge certain information about them. She knows that in order to do this, she has to keep collecting all the information she can about their dirty little secrets and show them that she has it. She loves watching them squirm.

When it's time to get paid, she is a red head that wants more. She knows that she needs to have a certain amount to enjoy the shopping spree she wants. Rather than give it to her all at once, he tries to tease her. She gets angry and tells him that if he doesn't hurry, she is going to tie him and punish him for days in the basement.

She knows that her pay slave is different than the others but she was shocked when he told her he needed to sniff her bare feet to masturbate. She took her shoes off and was happy to let his hot, moist breath wash over her feet. He pulled out his cock and masturbated his dick while she yelled at him. When he was done, she had enough money to pay a mortgage payment.

When these babes want something, they don't have a problem getting it. They are happy to strip down to their lingerie and stand in front of their slaves. They laugh and tell each other what they want to do and their slaves start counting out the money for them to do it. They know how to distract their slaves and get the most money they can. As soon as they get what they want, they get dressed and go have fun.

When Megan gets money from her pay slave,s he spends the day shopping. This is something that she loves to do. As soon as she gets home, she takes her boots off and gives them to her slave. He walks out of the room and is happy until her funk wears off. Then he gives her more money to shop with and stink up her boots again. She loves his addiction to smelly boots.

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