Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

This mistress is a cruel one. She likes knowing people's secrets and then blackmailing them into giving her money

Pay pigs love Pearl's cleavage. She likes teasing them with it and getting them to give her money to shop for good bras to make it looks better.

These mistresses know no other way of making money. They love putting on a show for their paypigs and the money slaves open their wallets and finance them

I love when we get to spend this time together! There's nothing better than cash time. It's the best time of the week for the both of us. It's that great time when you hand over your cash. I will milk you for every cent you have, and there's nothing you can do about it. It's the the way things go. It's time for you to pay up so do it now.

Watch as I bathe my beautiful feet in this pile of money. That should give you an idea of where we're going. Money is mine not yours. I need the money to fund my life of luxury. You will give me all the money I want. The amount I want is everything that you have. Give it all to me now as your little brain is now in my control.

You pathetic loser listen to everything I have to see. You get down on your knees and follow my instructions. I own you now. I know your little secret and I'm going to use it. You are so fucking pathetic. Kiss my feet. Now give me all of your money. That's a good start you pathetic bastard. You will give me all of your money from now on.

I only want one thing from you. I know you're staring at my perfect ass and stroking your cock. That's fine you little pay pig. Imagine what it looks like and my glorious pussy to. I want you to sit there and jerk off, but you will pay me. You will pay me to give you the orgasm you've been dreaming about. You will pay me for every stroke of your cock

I'm going to change your life. Your life now belongs to me and you'll do exactly what I say. It's not very hard to do at all. Don't try to fight it, you're mine now. You will give me all of your money, and buy me whatever you want. That's your only task in life now. Make money and give it to me. Your life is forever changed now.

You're pathetic and you're here for the next rip off. You're brain is complete mush when it comes to me. Fuck you, you will do exactly what I say. I will rip you off for everything you own and there's nothign you can do about it. In fact you're going to love it when I rip you off. Why? Because you're a loser and I own everything about you

I'm Lady Taina and you will do exactly what I say. You have no choice in the matter. You can try to resist, but I promise by the end you will do what I want. There's nothing you can do about it. I own you know. You will give me everything you own when I'm done with you. You have to because I say you have to pay me.

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