Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Princess Kitty was coming out of a long session with her pay slaves. She had entertained them and spent some time with them and she was appreciated with lots of gifts including money. Now that she was all alone, she was counting them and smiling as she did. She then took it to the bank and enjoyed watching as her savings grew courtesy of her pay men who financed her lifestyle.

Goddess Mel had taken a lot of money from her paypigs so she wanted to make them feel like she was not taking advantage of them. So she spent some time with them and she listened to their silly concerns and thoughts and she even offered a little advice here and there. She was looking hot to tempt them and to send a message. The money slaves felt great to spend time with her.

Princess Kitty likes to humiliate. It was what she was meant to do and it is what she did and she does well. She enjoys it and revels in it. But she has decided to turn it into a money making venture so she likes to tease her pay slaves and make them have fun and enjoy her company since many of them cannot score hotties like her. But it comes at a fee.

This mistress had an urgent trip and needed some money to buy an air ticket. She woke up her money slave and she went to see him. She had always told him to have some emergency money stashed somewhere for emergencies and this qualified as one. So she made him give her enough money from that kitty so that she could pay for her flight and hotel during her time away.

Mistress Amanda Rey was in her car with loads of money. She showed of her tits and used the wads of cash to fan herself. She was happy about the amount she had collected from her pay slaves. She had gotten more than she expected from them and she was so happy she could not hide it. Her kinky spirit took over and she even began to fondle her own tits.

Lady Karame was taking a walk when she got lost. She asked this guy for directions but he did not know. She decided to punish him and because she was broke, she turned him into her paypig for that moment and told him the only way she would let him go was if he paid her and he had no option but to pay her handsomely for her to let him go.

Princess Kitty enjoys how much her paypigs adore her. She is a hot mistress and they know they cannot do better than her. She is also a kinky mistress and has taught them and continues to teach them and show them naughty and kinky stuff. And for all her effort, she is always rewarded by her pay men. And it is always good money that is worth the effort for her.

This hot and kinky mistress is always after money. She likes to tease and flirt with her slaves but at the end of it all, she has to get some money. That is how she earns a living. She does not like going out to sweat looking for work or business. That is the best way she knows how to make money and she does it well and it has never failed her.

Mistress Amanda Rey likes to pit her body parts against each other to see which one would make her more money. Today was the turn of her ass. She was wearing pants alright but she wanted to see how much her slaves would love her teasing them with her ass and also how much she would make using that. To her surprise, it was not more than she had made with her titties.

Princess Kate hates regular 9-5 jobs. She instead prefers to look pretty and have fun with her pay pigs or rather make them believe they are having fun with her and then get them to fund her lavish lifestyle. She has all the time to enjoy the things she wants in life and it is all courtesy of her pay pigs. There is no question about it. Her pay pigs are the best.

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