Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Nikki is a very pretty mistress that loves cash. She loves to have the best of everything, therefore her slaves would need to get out their wallets. Nikki is going to tease and humiliate her slaves to the point that they all give her every ounce of their paychecks to her. She will then go shopping and be so happy and smile the entire time doing so.

Mistress Latoria is a mistress that loves her cash. She is going to simply tell her slaves that she needs money. All of her slaves are going to get out their wallets, so they can hand over entire paychecks to her. She is smiling, because she knows that she will really make a lot of money from all the loser slaves. They are totally broke now.

Lady Velvet knows just what she is doing when it comes to getting a slave to pay her. She is going to get all of her little piggies to pay up. Lady Velvet will just sit and wait as all of her pay slaves get out their wallet and give her money. She will grin as she stacks up all of her money from the slaves.

Lady K Blake is a pretty blonde that loves to get paid, even if she has to hire pay pigs. She is going to have a great time as she is gathering up all of her money from the losers she deals with. She might even blackmail a few of the slaves into giving up their paychecks, because she is one hardcore mistress that loves her money.

When Lady Violet decides it's time to get a contract with her slave to get paid, she always is sure to make the time to get all of the slave's information. The mistress will get what she wants, and she will also interview many slaves, because she needs to make sure that her pay pig's all know that they need to give the powerful mistress her money.

An inked princess always is in need of money, and she generally gets it. If she feels like she may not get her money, she knows that wearing her blue dress will work out just fine. She will show some leg, and that will make it to the point her slaves are all going nuts to give her all of their checks. She is getting paid.

Amy Herrin never is scared to tell a slave the list of her demands, even if she knows a slave will not have a dime to his name after she takes all of his money. She is going to put on a sexy outfit, because she knows she has to pull out all the stops to get what she wants. She will get plenty of money from the slaves.

Hey you loser! What do you believe? You wrote me a nice letter? With a lot of lovely stuff in there? And with some cash? Hmm, that sounds interesting... What, you can't believe it...? Of course I mean the money! The other loser stuff doesn't interests me! I only want your money! :D I maybe read the first two lines to have some fun and to joke around - but nothing more! You don't deserve any more of my time!

... and then takes your hard earned money! She likes it to humiliate and punish stupid slaves! She believes that there is only one reason why slaves exist: To buy her some nice things! And if they don't do it they will have to pay with a lot of pain! Pain and gain, that's the game! Now that the money slave is knocked out she just takes his purse and all of his money. And of course she also spits into his stupid face to show him that she never will have respect for such a pathetic loser!

Lady Chantal and I are some hot money mistresses and we are everything you dream about! You want to touch our hot bodies...? Never! But you can do something else... you can pay us - it's Payday! So come and give us all of your money! But don't believe that this will be everything we ask you to do! Of course we have some other mean things we like you to do... and it will be very humiliating! :D

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