Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Go ahead and come a little closer, but you better come up with some cash first. The more I tease you with my tight black vinyl outfit, the more money you pay me. I am your hot blonde money mistress and you will take my teasing and verbal humiliation like a good loser. Keep the cash coming and you can continue to be in my presence. Otherwise, I wouldn't let you near me loser.

Isabella is a sultry and gorgeous money mistress in high heels and tight, sexy jeans. She has nothing but a bikini top on to tease you into giving her money. She knows that you will take one look at her body and her sexy jeans ass and give her whatever money she asks for. You can spend time with her but you have to pay and suffer verbal humiliation from this raven haired vixen.

Princess Jenny is a dominating mistress who even dominates the way you jerk off. If you want to jerk off in front of her, you are going to have to pay up. You see, she is a money mistress. If you want to get your dick hard around her, you need to fork over some cash. You will take her teasing and verbal humiliation and gladly pay for her to let you beat off.

Taylor and Brianna are two very hot and sexy friends who love to have their feet worshipped. The footboy is in foot fetish heaven as he gets a blonde with white stockings and brunette with black stockings rubbing their sexy feet in his face. He sniffs and licks their supple stocking feet all over. It's really sexy when the girls rub their feet together while on top of the slave's face.

You are an idiot and a loser. Let's just get that out of the way. You already know that, so the first thing I tell you is what a pervert you are. I bombard you with verbal humiliation because that is all you are good for. I want you to entertain me and do humiliating tasks until my fetish for your humiliation is satisfied. That's not going to be any time soon loser.

Lizz is an extremely hot mistress in high heels and tight pants who loves nothing more than exploiting you for money. She will gladly give you boners, but you have to be exploited by her. She teases you and sticks her high heels in your face. She manipulates you until you gladly hand money over to her. She knows that you have a fetish for being exploited and she takes full advantage.

This mistress is hot and she knows it. And she makes sure that her pay pigs fund her luxurious lifestyle. She blackmails them for their small dicks and makes them pay her a small dick tax

Herrin Amy is a gorgeous mistress who likes to take advantage of her pay pigs. She knows how to sweet talk them and make them fund her luxurious lifestyle without breaking a sweat

Lady Fine was looking like a million bucks. And she wanted to remind her paypigs that it cost money for her to look like that. So she made them promise to pay her more money

Lady Milena is seated back in her favorite chair issuing instructions to her paypigs. She wants them to adopt a new program and increase her allowance

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