Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

When Herrin Amy puts on a beautiful red dress and looks at her slave, she expects him to pay for what she wants. She should have him pay for it because his dick is too small to give her pleasure so she has to be happy in some other way. As soon as her slave purchases what she wants, she will allow him to take her out and lavish attention on her and spend money on her in public.

If they don't get the money they are demanding, they are going to expose their slave to the world for the tiny dicked man that he is. They laugh about his equipment and tell him what a worthless piece of man meat he is. When they start to laugh, he starts paying them. When they are done, they have enough money to do what they want with it and he has a copy of the pics.

Lady K Blake loves driving out to a field to meet her slave. She wears boots and mini skirts. He just likes to see her walk across a field and he pays her. She slowly walks to him and he gives her the money that she requires. As soon as she is paid. She nudges his dick with her boot and she is ready to leave and make a bank deposit.

When Lady Janis wakes up, her slave offers to pay her a lot of money if she would tease him. She sat up with her silk pajamas on and started talking extremely dirty to him. She told him how she wanted to fuck him and when she wanted him to pinch her clit. She told him when and how to rub his dick so that he could cum and she could go shopping.

When Herrin Amy is ready to play, she plays for money. She loves to tease her slave because he pays her well. When she comes out to play, she puts on lingerie and allows him to look as long as he is dropping money on the floor. She will let him take his dick out and masturbate if she feels like he has more money than he has paid already. Everything comes with a price.

Miss Taylor knows that in order to play, her slave has to pay. She loves being able to tell him that she won't let him pull his dick out and masturbate in her presence until he pays her. She loves watching him struggle to find the money to pay her. She loves knowing that she will be able to buy all the stuff she wants because her slave paid his small dick fee.

These babes know what they want and they know how to get it. They want to shop but they want to do it on their slave's budget. They get dressed to go shopping and they show their slave their round asses. They know it makes him hard and if he gives them enough money, they may let him masturbate. He knows he has a little dick, that is why he pays them.

When Lady K Blake goes out for a little sun, she is approached by a slave. She is asked if she will strip for him for money. She asked for her payment up front and when she saw that it was real, she started a sexy striptease. She is happy to take a slave away from his money anytime. When she is done, she is several hundred dollars richer than before.

When it's time to make her slave pay, she knows what to do. She loves to get her slave in her face and tell him what he hates about himself. She tells him no other mistress will take him because his dick is too small. She tells him the only way that he will be allowed to touch his tiny member and cum is to pay her. Then she talks very kinky and enjoys watching him count out her money.

When Herrin Amy takes in a slave, she allows him to worship at her feet and in order to touch her, she needs him to pay her. She loves watching him beg. She loves shopping on his dime even more. As soon as she gets her slave in the room with her, she smiles at him and makes him think he has a chance with her. She won't do more than smile and flirt until he has given her a lot of money.

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