Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

You're pathetic and you're here for the next rip off. You're brain is complete mush when it comes to me. Fuck you, you will do exactly what I say. I will rip you off for everything you own and there's nothign you can do about it. In fact you're going to love it when I rip you off. Why? Because you're a loser and I own everything about you

I'm Lady Taina and you will do exactly what I say. You have no choice in the matter. You can try to resist, but I promise by the end you will do what I want. There's nothing you can do about it. I own you know. You will give me everything you own when I'm done with you. You have to because I say you have to pay me.

My slaves always love meeting me in person. The only way I meet them is with what I call the cash and go. We meet somewhere you barely look at me, you get on your knees and give me all of your money, you pathetic loser. Once I realize how pathetic you are, I spit on you. You love every second of it because you're a huge pathetic loser.

Hi I'm Jamie-Kate and I know you love my sexy ass. I know you can't take your eyes off of it. It's so perfect, round, firm, and tasty. I know you want to play with it for hours. It's going to cost you just to look at it. This is pay per view ass action. I cost a lot so you better be ready to pay, and pay you will.

I am Lady Milena and I know all of your pathetic secrets. I own you know. You will do everything I want. If I say lick my shoe, you lick. If I want all of your money, you give it to me right now. You better be prepared to give me exactly what I want you pathetic loser. I will take everything from you and there's nothing you can do.

When I'm done with you, you will want to give me everything. You are so pathetic and i'm in your mind. You like the way my ass looks. I can see you drooling through your computer screen. You're such a loser. You're going to give me every last cent you have. I'm in your head now. I'm the mistress you will serve until you are completely broke you loser.

This pathetic slave comes to visit Mistress Narziss Labelle. He's such a pathetic loser that he's do anything she wants. He's such an eager loser. Mistress Narziss Labelle teases him making him think that she's interested. All it takes is a little money. He's so excited to get her affection, but what do you know he's out of money. As soon as he's out of money Mistress Narziss Labelle is done with him.

You love every inch of me. I think you're pathetic, but I don't care, you can come shopping with me if you give me all of your money. You will buy me everything I want no matter how much it costs. We won't stop until I'm completely satisfied. I will show you what your place is and you will enjoy ever second. If you bother me at all I will leave you.

I look in your eyes and I see that the sweet poison I injected you with is starting to course through your veins. I know you like to be dominated by me this intensely and I am just cruel enough to enjoy it. What you don't know is that I doubled your dose and it just might kill you. Well here are my sexy feet and toes. Suck my toes or I'll let you die.

Lizz La Regn is one of the hottest and most sultry girls you could ever hope to be close to. She instructs you on how to be dominated by her. You have to pay money if you want to be close to this hot little firecracker. She seduces you and teases you with her supple tits and her smooth and sexy ass and legs. You will make a good money slave for her.

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