Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

When Lady Mistery's new slave comes to her, he knows that he has to have a gift to get her attention. Instead of giving her money, he brings a diamond necklace. He just wants to sit at her feet and have her stroke his head. Lady Mistery takes his gift and decides that he has paid for a 15 minute session with her. Instead of telling him he is a good slave, she tells him he is cheap with a small dick for buy such small diamonds.

When Lisa Jordan wants to go shopping, she knows what to do. She goes to her slave's office and pulls him into the bathroom. She teases him with her tits and tongue. As she is teasing him, she tells him that his dick is too small to give her pleasure so he has to give her money to shop instead. As she tells him how worthless he is as a man, she strips out of her white dress and shows him what he can't have.

When Nicole decides that she wants to go shopping, she calls her slave to her. She demands money for her shopping trip. When he hesitates, she starts telling him how worthless he is. She tells him that he doesn't have the skills necessary to bring her to pleasure. She tells him that he should be a woman because his dick is so small. She makes him kneel while begging for forgiveness for hesitating to pay his small dick fee.

When Goddess Megan wants new shoes, she knows that her slave will pay for them. Her slave brings her a pair of new platform pumps and she tries them on. She likes them until she finds a piece of gum under the arch. She knows that he bought her a pair of shoes that were worn before. She knows that he's addicted to her feet so she won't let him lick or kiss her sweaty feet. She refuses to and tells him how pathetic he is.

When Princess Jenny looks at her slave, she doesn't like what she sees. She sees a slave with a tiny dick that can't bring her pleasure. Instead of allowing him freedom, she makes him pay a small dick fee. She tells him that he has to pay the fee for not being able to bring her off with his tiny dick. She makes him buy her sexy lingerie that she wears for her other sex partners. She makes him pay in many ways.

When Lady Janis takes a slave, she only wants one with money to pay for her expensive tastes. She loves to shop for new purses and drink expensive wine. When her slave brings her a new selection of purses, she models them for him and she tells him what he needs to buy next. As soon as she has made her demands, she smiles at him and tells him that he has permission to watch her sleep.

When Lady K Blake takes on a new slave, she makes them pay for the pleasure every week. She won't allow them to be her slave and fulfill her pleasures until they have given her the money she needs. She won't let them cook her breakfast. She won't let them drink her bath water. She refuses to allow them to sit in her presence unless they have the money to pay her for her tolerance.

When Mistress BlackDiamond finds out how much money her slave has access to, she is concerned. She knows it's too much for him to spend on himself so she demands it. She is happy to tell him how ugly he is. She enjoys how drinking the expensive champagne he paid for as she tells him that he is too ugly to be seen in public with. When she sees that he has his checkbook in hand, she stops the insults.

When Herrin Amy calls her new slave to her, it's only for her pleasure. She doesn't want him to touch her. She loves telling him how many inches he would have to grow on his dick before being able to satisfy her. She enjoys telling him that he hasn't earned the pleasure of touching her or masturbating until he pays her mortgage. She knows that he is intoxicated by the smell of her pussy and will pay her the money she demands.

When Miss Mackenzie goes shopping, she finds that her sugar daddy canceled her favorite credit card. She goes home and dresses in his favorite black dress and heels. When he walked through the door, she tells him how small his dick is. She makes sure he knows that without paying her, he will not be able to smell the thongs she has on. She doesn't care about his feelings, she wants to go shopping.

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