Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Hey you loser! What do you believe? You wrote me a nice letter? With a lot of lovely stuff in there? And with some cash? Hmm, that sounds interesting... What, you can't believe it...? Of course I mean the money! The other loser stuff doesn't interests me! I only want your money! :D I maybe read the first two lines to have some fun and to joke around - but nothing more! You don't deserve any more of my time!

... and then takes your hard earned money! She likes it to humiliate and punish stupid slaves! She believes that there is only one reason why slaves exist: To buy her some nice things! And if they don't do it they will have to pay with a lot of pain! Pain and gain, that's the game! Now that the money slave is knocked out she just takes his purse and all of his money. And of course she also spits into his stupid face to show him that she never will have respect for such a pathetic loser!

Lady Chantal and I are some hot money mistresses and we are everything you dream about! You want to touch our hot bodies...? Never! But you can do something else... you can pay us - it's Payday! So come and give us all of your money! But don't believe that this will be everything we ask you to do! Of course we have some other mean things we like you to do... and it will be very humiliating! :D

You are nothing more than my pay piggy! And you have given me your whole money already - but I still want more! You have to collect bottles and return them to earn some more pennies, but I also take them away from you! You are not allowed to drink or eat with this cash - it's MINE! And do you want to know what I bought with your money...? This luxury items from Louis Vuitton, Chanel D&G and some other nice stuff...! :D

This was a very hard day for money pig Joy! He comes back from work and his mistress already awaits him and wants his cash! He wants to relax and he also needs some cash for himself but he has no choice: He has to give her everything! Joy doesn't understand but of course she soon tells him what he has to do - and what he isn't allowed to do!

You are such a pathetic loser! And your dick is so... funny! Do you really call it a dick? I'm not sure what it is but it is NO DICK! It is sooo small! I believe it is a ugly pussy! What, you want me to believe that this is really a dick? Then you have to pay me! For this tiny thing you need to pay the small dick tax!

I will visit you and you will lose everything! You told me that you have no more cash! Maybe I believe you... but that doesn't matter! I want even something more! And if you have no more money then I will have to take everything else! Your new flatscreen, your camera, your notebook, your mobile phone. You deserve no luxury! But I deserve everything I want! And you won't resist... If you try, just listen what will happen then... BUY this CLIP!

I am your queen! And you have to do what I tell you! But I heard that you stop following my orders...!? Are you crazy? I will show you what happens now...! But first you will PAY ME! You will GIVE ME all your money! Buy this clip and take two things: A foot rule and a rope. And then let's start! But at the beginning I have one advise for you: Don't make me angry a second time...!

Hey you little loser slave, what are you doing there? You want to talk to me? Haha! :D Before I offer you some of my time you have to fill out this bond! You have to become my money pig! Do you like it? I will FUCK your BRAIN! You look very nervous! But there is no reason... It's very simple! You have to pay me and I will take your money. And you will have to serve me and do whatever I tell you. Let's start...!

You like to watch a real goddess like me? Do you know what I'm going to do? Yeah, you are right: I'm going to dress me for a hot date! But of course YOU are NOW the guy I'm going to meet! I'm dating a rich man with a big pocket! With your money you can only watch me while dressing! Go and earn more money and maybe I will date you someday... But I don't think so because you are also a pathetic slave boy loser!!!

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