Paypig Clips

Come on, piggy, pay me NOW!

Lisa Jordan knows how to get her slaves to do as she says. She will first recruit the best pay pigs, because they are the ones that are paying her rent. She also will get them a bit drunk, because she gets their wallets into her hands, and she can do a great deal with them once she has the credit cards. She loves to spend their money.

Lady Diana is a mistress that won't even say a slave's name. She just asks for her cash, and all the slaves know that is what is required. She has not worked a day in her life, since she was a teenager. Her hard work having pay pigs has paid off and she is damn proud of it. She is taking every loser's paycheck.

Lady K Blake will take her time, because she wants to consult with all of her slaves. She is seeing money from them all, and wants to know what things will cost for her, and what her slaves can offer back. She will take all of their paychecks and not care one bit, because she is so happy taking their money and getting her way with all of them.

Lady Velvet is very high maintenance. She loves to get paid, but she also needs a great deal of money to do so. She is going to request all of her slaves come over, because they all need to give her money for her monthly expenses. She loves to have her pay pigs handle her money, because she is a mistress with several bills to pay.

Princess Jenny loves to make demands. She is going to sit very calmly down, because she has a list of items she needs paid. Her expenses should not be on her list of worries, therefore she will have her pay pigs hand over their wallets and give her cash. She thinks money pigs are very worthless and pathetic to her, but she will take their cash.

A very hot and sexy mistress is going to demand she get money. She loves to have lots of cash, so she will start her list of needs to all of her slaves. She will place out her list for her slaves, but she also tells them to get her their paychecks. This lovely mistress will get every single item on her list and get paid too.

Lady Milena is a mistress that loves her money, but she also needs to get paid. All of her pay pigs know the rules. They must not only get on their knees in front of her, but she requires them to lick her boots too. As they are cleaning her boots, she is going through their wallets taking what is rightfully hers - their money.

Lady Janis is a mistress that needs a new purse. She is going to look at her purse, but she will then realize she needs her pay pigs to give her cash. Lady Janis will take money and go buy a new bag, but she will require all the slaves to turn over all of their paychecks to her. She will not only buy one bag, but two bags.

Amy is a mistress that always gets her way, and her bank account is never dry. She also knows just how to make sure she gets her loser slave's to cash her out. On their payday all the slaves know to make an appearance at her house, because she will need to have their money to go shopping the rest of the week to make her happy.

Goddess Kim loves to get paid and she will do what it takes to get her money. Her method of getting paid isn't normal, because she chooses to be really mean and cruel to her slaves. She will humiliate her slaves to the point they are crying, but they still sign over their check to her so she can shop and pay all of her bills amused.

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